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What others have been saying about this group:

Sharron Dempsey

Fabulous group of like minded people

I love the soul sanctuary. It's an amazing group of people who help and support each other. Trudie is a fantastic teacher and has so much to offer those who are on their spiritual path! From meditations, crystals, angel card readings and lots mor...

Kristina Smith

Absolutely Awesome!

I love love LOVE being a part of the Soul Sanctuary. I have been a member of the Soul Sanctuary for a few months now, and I have to say, the community is amazing. It's full of beautiful souls who are like minded, supportive, learning, open and...

Emma Pollard

The Soul Sanctuary is my online home for my Soul.

It doesn't matter what I write here because there are no words to really describe The Soul Sanctuary adequately, but I shall try. Trudie has the most amazing calming energy and this very apparent in the Sanctuary. The group as a whole is so suppo...

derek jago

Excellent Couse

I highly recommend this course as it teaches you a lot and also bring your close to new friends!!

veronica durrant

Best Course Ever

This course has helped me through so much over past year and half if not longer just by trudies guidance and support. The fellow members are also super supportive it is like a little family x i would class this as the best spiritual personal deve...

Szilvi Szabo

Pure soul sanctuary

I only joined this group this month. Souls there so kind and supportive. This group not just helping me to "opening my wings" but also learn so much in there to develop my abilities and find new one I not even knew I had before. Thank you Trudie .

Stuart Kelly

The Aura (energy body)

This course was far more than what I thought it would be! Really, really good! So much information that is so easy to understand and get to grips with and a fantastic meditation at the end that will knock your socks off! Really, really good! Thank...

Marie Barrett

Tried the oil scrying Trudie it was intriguing to watch the oil separate and change and form into little pictures in front of my eyes...most intriguing was towards the end it separated into 4 tiny circles and 1 bigger one and one by one the little ones entered into the larger one and looked like an embryo being inseminated with four fertilised eggs....Weird probably not explaining well...but made me feel it was a sign from the universe.xx⭐️⭐️ The⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Self Care module was phenomenal..... Thanks so,so much Gillian.xx🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Soul Sanctuary.

I've been a member of the Soul Sanctuary since it was formed I think it's 2 years ...I've grown so much as a person since signing up..The mthly modules and guest speakers are so diverse.Ive covered Crystals,Auras,Law of Attraction,Confidance,Self ...

Kelly Hackney

Beautiful support self growth group!

I honestly can’t put into words the impact both Trudie as a person & mentor & the group as a whole has had on my life. Joining this group was without doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s helped me in so many different way...

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